It’s the time of year when Florida retailers bring on extra help for the holidays. When it comes to jobs like that, what the job pays is usually the only thing on your mind. But if you’re thinking more long-term, you want to pick a place to work where you’ll be happy. is out with its annual list of the best places in retail for employees. Anonymous survey feedback is how they compile their list. Employees answered dozens of questions about “experiences of trust and reaching their full human potential.” 2 of the top 3 retailers are here in Tampa Bay.

#1: Wegman’s
This is the only company in the top 3 not here in Florida. It’s a grocery store chain with 127 locations primarily in the northeast. 94 percent of employees surveyed said their workplace is great. Wegman’s has been a family company for over 100 years. Part-timers can receive health insurance, they offer tuition reimbursement and the average salary for full-time customer service is $37,120.

#2: Publix
Their slogan is “Where shopping is a pleasure,” but apparently it’s not so bad to work at Publix either. 88% of employees surveyed say it’s great working at the Lakeland-based chain. The big factors: tuition reimbursement, holiday bonuses, 401 (k) matches and retirement plans. The average customer service salary for a full-time worker is $29,651 with store managers salaries in the $120,000 range. Employees get 16 paid days off after a year of full-time employment. A Tampa reddit user commenting on this story says the fact that the stock is owned by employees is likely the biggest reason for employee satisfaction. Another added about his time working for Publix: “There were managers that worked there for 20, 30, 40 years that could literally buy cars with their dividend checks.” I tend to think the employee satisfaction rate is because you have a Pub Sub right there at work whenever you want one.

#3: CarMax
With locations in Tampa, Clearwater and Bradenton, the used car dealer based in Richmond, Virginia comes in just behind Publix with an 87% score. Their President’s Club recognizes top associates with demo cars and company paid trips to Las Vegas. Their executive team also travels around the country to do steak cookouts for top-performing stores. Full-time employees get 17 paid days off after their first year. There are locations with a home office gym, low cost fitness classes and onsite nurses.

Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .