There are tons of diets out there but researchers of a new study say that low-carb diets may be the best for losing weight and keeping it off.

The study was published in BMJ on Wednesday and involved 164 overweight and obese people.

“We found that the type of diet people ate had a major impact on their metabolism. Those on the low-carbohydrate diet burned about 250 calories a day more than those on the high-carbohydrate diet, even though all the groups were the same weight,” said Dr. David Ludwig.

However, another doctor who looked at the study’s findings wasn’t sure the results were accurate, Naveed Sattar, a professor of metabolic medicine at the University of Glasgow, said he thought that the low-carbohydrate group seemed to eat more calories than the other group in order to keep the similar weights.

Sattar also said that it really doesn’t matter which diet a person chooses, you could lose weight on a variety of diets but you have to stick to them to see the results.