Recently, I accidentally cracked the screen on my cellphone. This made me wonder, how many other people are walking around with broken cellphone screens (and how’d they crack them).

Are you one of the 12% of us that are walking around with a cracked cellphone screen? How does this seem to happen to so many of us over and over?

SWNS recently conducted a survey of over 2,000 people with a cracked cellphone screen. Each was asked HOW they cracked their phone. And according to the response, here are the top twenty ways this accident occurs:

1. Just general use – had it for awhile and eventually broke it.
2. On a night out – drinking had a play in this one.
3. Dropped it in the toilet – cracked when hit the porcelain.
4. Forgot it was in a back pocket and sat down.
5. Child dropped it – not a good idea to use it as a toy.
6. Trying to type a message with one hand.
7. Tried to throw it onto a bed/sofa and it bounced off.
8. Fell out of a case when exercising.
9. Threw it when angry – maybe deserved this one.
10. Tried to throw it to someone and missed
11. Taking a selfie – surprised this one wasn’t number one.
12. Found it mysteriously smashed after taking it out of bag
13. Forgot it was in a front pocket and bumped into the corner of a table.
14. Was looking at the screen while walking and bumped into something or someone, dropping it.
15. Dropped it in the bath.
16. Left it on the car seat and then sat on it.
17. Sat on it on a chair.
18. Accidentally put something heavy down on top of it.
19. Got the headphones caught in a door handle or similar, jerking the phone out of your hands.
20. Left it on the roof of car before driving off.

And one more really interesting fact, the cost of replacing screens and repairing damage on the new devices leads to a large amount of people who seem to be happy to live with the damage. I guess this is the real reason why so may have cracked screens. We just,”live with it”!


Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .