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The battle between Casey Kasem’s family has entered new territory with allegations of elder abuse and murder.

Kasem’s second wife Jeannie and his three children from his first marriage are involved in a long-standing feud over Casey’s estate. He amassed an estimated $80 to $100 million from his work on American Top 40 and doing character voices.

On Saturday’s 48 Hours on CBS, both sides go after each other. Correspondent Peter Van Sant said, “Both sides tell credible, powerful stories, both proclaim their love for Casey and both blame the other and accuse the other of killing Casey — and both use the word ‘murder.’”

Another weird moment of this feud is the fact that Kasem is buried in an unmarked grave in Oslo, Norway. The children said Jeannie did it out of spite so they couldn’t visit it. Jeannie said Kasem was buried there because he had an interest in the country.