Thanksgiving In Tampa Bay

Happy Thanksgiving! Time for another day off from work, family gatherings, and good food… oh so much food.

A new survey on Thanksgiving Trends is out and it lists some interesting tidbits about our habits around this tradition we call “Thanksgiving”. Below I’ve listed some of the survey highlights about meals, menus and table topics according to

  1. Who’s eating more than one Thanksgiving – 62% of folks 34 and under and 38% for those over 35.
  2. Thanksgiving Stress – Men are stressed by family, women are stressed by cooking.
  3. Thanksgiving Spirits – 71% of people will serve alcohol this year, only 62% did last year.
  4. Texting at the Thanksgiving table – 45% will allow phones at the table, last year only 35% allowed phones at their holiday table.
  5. Most popular Thanksgiving food – (besides turkey) 76% mashed potatoes, 71% pies, 68% rolls, 62% gravy and 59% green beans (what… no sweet potatos or yams?)
  6. Favorite Thanksgiving pies – 79% pumpkin, 51% apple, 30% pecan, 13% other.
  7. Favorite turkey meat: white or dark – 52% white, 25% dark, 21% like both, 2% don’t eat turkey.
  8. Who carves the turkey – 69% of us have carved but men are 80% more likely to carve, only 59% of women.
  9. Best topics for Table Talk – 61% family, 45% travel, 45% school and kids, 42% jobs and careers.
  10. Off limit conversation for the whole day – 32% say no political talk (that should be higher), 25% won’t discuss money or finances, 22% say don’t bring up family troubles or problems.

So, wear some lose fitting cloths and eat to your heart’s content. And again… no politics!


Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .