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If you’ve watched “Storage Wars”, you know how it works. People buy storage units at auction. Sometimes the buyer finds something valuable. Sometime, however, they come up empty. This is a story of one that had a surprise inside.

Dan Dotson, owner of American Auctioneers and the auctioneer seen on most episodes of TV’s “Storage Wars” sold a storage unit for $500 to a buyer whose life has been changed by what was found.

The buyer found a safe inside, and when it was finally opened, $7.5 million in cash was waiting for them. However, attorneys for the previous owners of the storage unit stepped in and offered $600,000 for the return of the rest of the cash. A $1.2 million settlement was made for the buyer to return the remaining $6.3 million.

Dan Dotson and his wife Laura, both stars of “Storage Wars” echoed the sentiment that the money may have been ‘dirty’. They suggested the buyer, whose name was not released, would be best off not looking over their shoulder had the previous owners come looking for the money.

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