Kelly Clarkson fangirled out while on the red carpet at the Kennedy Center Honors. While she was being interviewed, Kelly heard a familiar voice behind her that left her speechless. Clarkson began whispering to the interviewer, “I hear Cher right now. I hear Cher, She’s right behind me right now. I can’t even talk about it. I’ve never met her.” Kelly went into panic mode, “No! Don’t do anything, either. It’ll make me so nervous. I’ll wanna cry,” finally Kelly calmed down enough before her one-on-one time with Cher and managed to say a few words. “Oh, hi. Hi, I’m Kelly Clarkson. Nice to meet you. I’ve never met you. I’ve been talking about you the whole time, going, “She’s right behind me!” I’m a big fan. Obviously. Everyone is here. I’m gonna stop talking,” Kelly told Cher. Have you been speechless upon meeting a celebrity?