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Roxanne Wilder

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Thoughts about health and happiness in 2019.

Not to overshare, but we had a tough December in our family. One family tragedy after the next. I know I’m not alone. A quite a few friends have had their own troubles. How do we turn things around in 2019? Some events are unforeseen, but my father always used to tell me, “Honey, the most important thing your have is your health. You can do anything if you are healthy.” So I’m wishing you and yours a healthy new year and sharing stuff we all know about good health, but sometimes need a reminder.

Getting Back to Basics

  1. First thing to remember, food is medicine. This is 2019. We’re all informed about what’s good and bad for us. Just ask yourself before you eat something, “Is this helping my body or creating a problem for it?” Will this food make my liver work the night shift? How much of this food is filled with trans fats looking for a permanent home in my body. I can’t not splurge on things I love, but maybe mixing in more veggies and more water could always help.
  2. Sleep does a body good. (And we always thought it was milk.) I try to be protective of my sleep. Sometimes I find myself telling people I’m tired all the time as an excuse not to do things. How do I change that M-O? Instead, I’m going to ramp up my sleep hygiene, eliminate emails before bed, and not buy into the mantra that to get ahead in life you have to cut out zzz’s.
  3. Fresh air beats tech. Florida is a damp steam bath in the summer, but take advantage of nice temps now. We all spend so much time indoors, staring at screens. I want to go outside and get some Vitamin D. (Don’t forget your sunscreen.)
  4. Follow your intuition. If something about your body doesn’t feel right, see a doctor…
  5. On the topic of intuition, let’s talk mental health. Even with all of the turmoil during the holidays, I felt a little more clear-headed. What was the difference? I wasn’t doing my daily binge of national news. My daily reading includes CNN, Drudge, Fox, Huffington Post ALL THE TIME. I took a solid two week break from all of that and felt lighter. When you stop consuming so much news and information, you are better able to hear your own intuition. I don’t want to live with my head in the sand, but all the bad headlines aren’t a great representation of what’s happening in the world. There is so much good. You often have to make that good yourself. Smile at strangers, be kind to others…and yourself.

Believe in yourself that 2019 is your year.