Photo by Rachel Luna/Getty Images

The Masked Singer (VIDEO)

Viewers seem to think they have solved the identities of the secret celebrities on The Masked Singer on Fox.

The leading theory for the identity of Peacock appears to be Donny Osmond, while most people seem to think the Monster is somebody called T-Pain.

As for Unicorn, many say it's Tori Spelling, while the Deer seems to be a tossup between Terry Bradshaw and Peyton Manning

You may remember that Terry Bradshaw did have a minor hit during his playing days with a cover of I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. So, singing (even bad singing) is possible for him.

Personally, I thought the Deer had quite the gut on him... so I doubt it's Peyton Manning. Because of the fat gut I'm picking Terry Bradshaw as the Deer.