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Sunday Mornings 6:00am

Do you have social media friends who always looks perfect in their online photos?

Well, there’s an art (and a science) to taking a great photo.

Here are some tips to help you look picture perfect in all of your selfies:

1. Know your “best side.” Unless your face is perfectly symmetrical (most are not), you do have one side of your face that photographs slightly better than the other.

2. The light should always be behind the camera, not behind the subject. Don’t stand in front of a window.

3. Speaking of good lighting, don’t stand under a light. It will cast weird shadows on your face.

4. Sit up straight. Lots of photos that look great may still get deleted when you see yourself slumping.

5. Take the photo from “up high” if you want to make your eyes pop and look younger.

Ahh, the things we think about in 2019. Have fun in your photo and your happiness will shine through.

For the complete list of tips, click here.