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With 5.2 billion robocalls made last month, more than half were scams or telemarketing. Almost 390 million were received in Florida. What were the most common numbers that were received on our phones?

On average, each person in Florida received 20.4 robocalls last month. That number will rise as we enter tax season and the scams get ramped up.

The top numbers that we saw last month, according to YouMail, include some legitimate companies like debt collectors, mortgage and cable companies. Scammers were also in the mix.

These are Florida’s top callers:

5. 800-266-2278 Comcast Customer Service/Bill Collector Debt Collector
4. 866-408-4070 Barclays Bank Debt Collection Bank Debt Collector
3. 800-955-6600 Capital One Payments/Collections Debt Collector
2. 877-647-8552 Wells Fargo Debt Collector
1. 772-242-0376 Port St. Lucie, FL Onvoy, LLC Electric Bill Scam

Tips on avoiding these callers:

Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers, and don’t give answers to questions, particlarly with “yes,” and never give account numbers, social security numbers, mother’s maiden name, or other personal information.

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