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It took him 75 years to do it, but Mick Jagger has finally given up womanizing.

That’s according to a source close to the Rolling Stones frontman, who tells the Daily Mirror Jagger has pledged his loyalty to current girlfriend Melanie Hamrick. The 32-year-old ballet dancer, who’s 43 years younger than Jagger, is the mother of their 1-year-old son, Deveraux.

But he hasn’t always been loyal to Hamrick. When they first started dating in 2014, Jagger made it clear he wasn’t going to be monogamous. At one point, he dated 22-year-old movie producer Noor Alfallah while continuing to see Hamrick. However, the aging rocker finally saw the error of his ways around Christmas, telling Hamrick, “He’s finally ready to settle down and be a one-woman man,” the source says.