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In what played out like a scene from the Alfred Hitchcock classic “The Birds,” a 15-year-old Las Vegas girl found herself battling an airborne predator that was trying to make off with her dog.

“We were inside making tacos, and we hear crying,” Cecilia Celis says. “We are like, ‘Oh they’re just play fighting,’ and a second later I just look outside. We see a huge bird fly up, and I yell at the bird, ‘Get off my dog! Get off my dog!'”
Cellis says she rushed outside and tried to pull the Yorkie puppy from the bird’s talons. When that didn’t work, she began hitting the winged assailant with a pillow, which eventually did the trick. The dog, Lulu, suffered a puncture wound but is expected to recover.

“I thought she was gonna die or something, because that’s a big bird compared to her,” Celis says.