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Based on 43 indicators, such as wrath, lust and greed, put together their list of the most sinful states in America. Florida did not fare well.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone that Nevada was the top ‘most sinful’ state, though, surprisingly, it wasn’t number one last year. Florida was, and Nevada was number 3 on the list. (So Florida improved!)

The 43 indicators were included in these seven categories. Anger & Hatred, Jealousy, Excesses & Vices, Greed, Lust, Vanity and Laziness.

The top 10 most sinful states are: Nevada, Florida, California, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and Arizona.

The least sinful states are Vermont, Maine, North Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, Iowa, Wyoming, Utah, New Hampshire and South Dakota.

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