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I saw this story <a href="http://click here” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>online about the best and most appropriate way to make complaints at a restaurant.

And it’s funny because I was just talking with one of my friends about this issue recently. He made a complaint and the server completely misunderstood the issue. As we become a society that relies more on text and email communication, is it more difficult to properly communicate during face-to-face conversations with people you don’t know well, like a service provider?

Here’s advice from a restaurant owner to consider when you need to make a complaint:

1. You have the right to complain when it comes to how your food was prepared, if it’s cold, if it took a log time for you to get served.

2. Do talk with the manager or server and air your issue as soon as possible. This is a better option than staying silent and to then later blast them in an online review.

3. Be respectful toward the server or manager.

If you stick to these guidelines, yes, rest easy knowing the customer is always right.

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