Your dog’s personality changes over time… and they actually become more like you.

A new study found that dogs’ personalities change over time. In a lot of cases, they actually take on some of the personality traits from their owners.

If you are contemplating getting a dog because you think it may  help you get off the couch and get more exercise, you might want to reconsider. The fact is, in a few years you and the dog will be on the couch together! At least that is what a a new study out of Michigan State University found.

The research showed that people who are outgoing, had dogs that were outgoing and were more active and excitable. People who are unhappy had dogs that were more fearful and harder to train. Agreeable people had dogs that were less aggressive.

The results were a surprise to the researchers, who say, “We expected the dogs’ personalities to be fairly stable because they don’t have wild lifestyle changes like humans do, but they actually change a lot.

This wasn’t a surprise to me. Our Pug Gunner goes everywhere with us. He loves all the activities that we enjoy, (as you can see by our photos posted here). Dogs are “pack animals” who just want to be with you. They adapt to your schedule, however fast paced or couch potato-ed you may be. They just want to be with “the pack”.

I’ve always said dogs are like little reflections of us. Its easy to see that they mimic your behaviors. Good and bad. They only know what you teach them. If you give them love, affection and kindness, they will give that back and be open to that with others. They aren’t preconceived to be any certain way, just like a child when it is born. So, be a good example for your fur-babies too. Show them love and kindness. You will get that back from them ten fold. After all, you’re all they have.

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Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .