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Sunday Mornings 6:00am

Can’t we all agree to pick a time and stick with it?

Some Florida lawmakers are pushing to make Daylight Saving Time the permanent time. Here are some reasons why it might help us if we decided to never change the clocks again (after this weekend).

1. Crime could decline. Criminals can get more done when it’s dark outside. So if would follow that more light in the evening could reduce crime by as much as 20 percent. This would also especially help keep juveniles out of trouble.

2. We could save more energy. The later the sun is out, the less folks need to use light and heat in their homes and businesses.

3. Our sleep wouldn’t get messed with two times a year. Even when we are gaining that hour, it’s still hard on the body. It disrupts our sleep, increases risk of heart attacks, and it can even negatively affect financial markets. Not sure of the reason, but you can imagine that if people are in a bad mood because they’re tired, they’re probably a little less bullish about the stock market.

For the complete list of reasons, click here.