The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office posted to Facebook this week that they will no longer be one of the featured departments on the A&E TV show Live PD.

The popular show began airing live footage of crime scenes and investigations in Pasco County in October of 2017. It made local officers like Deputy Nick Carmack and K9 Shep household names. The team was so popular they had a Live PD Meet & Greet a few weeks back that drew a large crowd of fans hoping to get a photo.

The show has a huge success. Its certainly disappointing that we will no longer be able to see these guys in action on TV. But the Pasco Sheriffs say they gave a lot of consideration on the decision not to renew their contract which was ending in March.  The decision was based on their belief that its important for other counties to have their turn in the spotlight to show their communities up close, what they deal with and how their organizations works from the inside out.

After nearly two years on LivePD, tonight is our final live night with the show. We have been honored to join you each...

Posted by Pasco Sheriff's Office on Saturday, March 9, 2019

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