Beth Chapman, wife of Dog The Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman, has been in the fight of her life since being diagnosed with throat cancer. We have reported and updated this sad story several times.

But recently, Beth was targeted by a hater who accused her of lying about her cancer diagnosis. Not being the type to back down from a fight, Beth took to social media to expose and completely shame the hater who made the accusation.

The story from Inquisitr reports that Beth shared a recent screen shot on FB of the persons claim that:

“She has been faking her latest cancer diagnosis because of her taking a five-mile hike before heading to the hospital for cancer treatment its evidence that her latest health scare is all for show”.

Beth responded in her usual way saying:

“I find it disgusting that someone would suggest that this 8 inch scar across my throat is fake or the rounds of chemo were fake it’s so outrageous that 1. you’d have the nerve to utter that s**t under your breath, let alone out loud or on the internet,”

Beth also said the person making the claims is in the same line of work as her and her husband, and that the claims were made out of jealousy.

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