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Today is π (Pi) Day and we’re celebrating the mathematical constant, 3.14159265… Okay, we’ll keep it to 3.14. There are deals to be had today!

Some Pi Day deals available include:

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse: They’ll be offering mini one-topping pizzas for $3.14 for dine-in

California Pizza Kitchen: You can get a slice of Key Lime Pie for $3.14

Boston Market: With a pot pie and drink you can get a second pot pie for free with a coupon from the Boston Market website

Whole Foods is offering large bakery pies for $3.14 off normal sale prices.

CiCi’s Pizza has an adult buffet for $3.14 with purchase of a large drink when you get a coupon from

7-Eleven: If you’re a 7Rewards member, you can get a slice of pizza for $.50 or a whole pizza will earn you 314 7Rewarsd bonus points. If you have their delivery service, 7NOW, you can get two whole pizzas for $3.14 each

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