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Roxanne Wilder

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We know there’s plenty going on this weekend in the Tampa Bay area…Florida’s Largest Home Show, St. Patrick’s Day Festivities, a Lightning game. But if there’s ever a lull and you’re searching for some fun activities that you, your partner and your favorite other couple could partake in, here are some ideas:

1. Yoga. This is great idea for couples who aren’t into adventure so much, but prefer to zen out. When you walk out of class, those post-workout endorphins will feel great.

2. Go on a food crawl. Ever go out with other couples and say, “Hey, where should we go to eat?” You’re hungry, but you’re not sure exactly what you want to eat. This is a way to fulfill whatever your taste buds might be in the mood for and try new places.

3. Cook dinner together. Find a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try and everyone can do their part preparing a delicious meal.

4. Go on a zip line. That’s a great way to enjoy adventure and nature!

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