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Sunday Mornings 6:00am

Laughter is good for your mental and physical health!

I do feel pretty fortunate that my job requires me to spend the first couple hours of the day laughing with Mason, Bobby, and Andrew. That’s what we do around here. I’m hoping all the positivity compensates for the lack of sleep. Haha!

The good news is that laughter really is the best medicine. For your mind, it reduces anxiety and releases endorphins. Also, it can lower your blood pressure and even boost your immune system.

And think about when you’re going through a tough time. How do you make it through? With laughter. Finding the humor is key. Even if you get in an argument with someone, how do you know when the tiff is over? When you can laugh about it.

So take advantage of this day and find ways to find laughter whenever you can.

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