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Sunday Mornings 6:00am

It’s Thursday, so yes, I’m already thinking about the weekend.

I hate to say “I live for the weekends.” I love what I do, but the ability to sleep in and the opportunity to spend time with my family…amazing. So, yes, I live for the weekends.

So how would the perfect weekend be defined?

It varies by person, but you’ve got to to check the box on three broad categories.

1. Rest, Recharge & Relax: Did you sleep in? Go to a spa? Have a lazy day fishing or laying in the sun? All of these qualify as R&R. And recharging can included a number of activities. Recharging your sprit could involve going to church? A nature walk or a relaxing outdoor activity.

2. You’ve got to have some fun…a little magic. Something to give you good memories to think about into Tuesday even if you did stay out a little later than you planned.

3. And a little work. You’re saying, “Work?! What are you talking about?” Not too much of it. Just a little to give you a sense of accomplishment. Maybe it’s organizing the garage or hosting a shower or catching up on a few work emails so you don’t feel so much pressure on Monday.

The best kinds of weekends are like the previous one. I had the honor of emceeing a gala for Down Syndrome Association of Tampa Bay. It was truly magical…not necessarily work, but I definitely felt a sense of accomplishment. And on Sunday I rested (after all the dancing and a long (but exciting) night in heels).

What’s your definition of a perfect weekend?