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As the weather warms into spring, alligators mating season will begin.

Alligators become more active with the warmer weather and their mating season runs from April until as late as June. They’ll also be found sunning themselves, warming their body temperature.

They are more aggressive during mating season so there are things you need to remember in case you may encounter an alligator.

If there’s a body of water nearby, it’s likely there will be alligators.

Keep your distance.

Never feed wild alligators. In fact, feeding them is illegal. Alligators naturally will avoid people, but feeding them teaches alligators to associate people with food.

Keep pets on leashes in areas where alligators might live and away from the water’s edge.

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Be alligator aware this spring!Warmer spring weather means alligators are more active and visible. The rise in...

Posted by MyFWC on Tuesday, March 26, 2019