SYDNEY, NSW - AUGUST 09: A Cane Toad is exhibited at Taronga Zoo August 9, 2005 in Sydney, Australia. The Cane Toad, which is poisonous, is reportedly being blamed for the deaths of a number of Australia's most dangerous predator, the Salt Water Crocodile. A three-metre long crocodile was found dead by a local crocodile tour operator last week in the Adelaide River, with the tourism operator suspecting the reptile had been poisoned after eating a toad. The director of Wildlife Management International, Graeme Webb, says he suspects that up to "20 to 30 per cent" of fresh water crocodiles will be lost to cane toads in this way. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

A Tampa family is mourning the lose of their dog, Otis after he came in contact with a deadly Bufo Toad.

Riverside Heights resident Brynn Kelly told ABC Action News that she let her three dogs outside to play. When two of the three pets returned, Kelly went out to find Otis standing in the yard with a Bufo Toad in his mouth. Seconds later, Otis started seizing and foaming at the mouth, then collapsed. Otis died in Kelly’s lap.

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