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When I was visiting New York City, I had a listener telling me while I’m there, I absolutely had to have a meal at Shake Shack. My listeners get me. I forked over almost $20 for a burger, fries and shake. The price tag honestly ticked me off a little bit. But once I had my first sip of that Christmas Cookie shake I had that day, the fact the meal was overpriced was forgiven. I’ve since hunted down Shake Shack locations in Washington DC and Boston.

Orlando has since opened a Shake Shack right near the giant Orlando Eye (or whatever they call it). But I’m not doing that drive from Tampa. Well they’re getting closer to us. Shake Shack’s long-awaited west coast of Florida location opens Tuesday, April 16 at 11am according to It’ll be at University Town Center at 190 North Cattlemen Road. Can a Tampa area location be far behind?

BTW, trust me on the Christmas Cookie shake recommendation. It’ll change your life.

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