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On his fourth night on the game show, James Holzhauer went where no Jeopardy player has gone before. He set a new record for a one-day total on Jeopardy. He didn’t just do it by a little, he blew it out of the water.

Holzhauer is a professional gambler from Las Vegas and he made some big wagers in Tuesday’s performance. He finished “Double Jeopardy” with $72,600. His “Final Jeopardy” answer was correct and his wager of $38,314 gave him a total of $110,914 for the day, and a four-day total of $244,365. The previous one-day record total was by Roger Craig (not the football player) who won $77,000.

$110,914 isn’t just a random number for James. It represents his daughter’s birthday, 11/9/14.