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It doesn’t get any more millennial than this. A Tampa area Instagram user sobbed uncontrollably as all of the meaning in her life is now gone. Is she suffering from a disease? No. Did she lose a parent or pet? No. They took away her Instagram account. Here are some of the highlights as she addressed her fans:

“Hey guys so like I’m in the middle of editing and my Instagram got deleted. I tried to get it back. I am nothing without my following. And with people trying to hate on me, I literally tried to be a ***** better person. You’re ruining my life. I make all of my money online. I know people like to see me be down and be like them and be like the 90 percent’ers… the people that work 9 to 5. That is not me. I have no skills. I am $20,000 in debt. I have no job qualifications. I could never work a normal job. I am not work material.”

In her video, she says she’s in Los Angeles. But reddit users in Tampa say she’s a local girl. We can’t share the actual video since there’s quite a bit of profanity and she goes into detail of her previous profession that is not quite legal.

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