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Another road rage story. Channel 8 reports 59 year old Angel Ramirez was arrested in Spring Hill after police say he got into an altercation with a woman with three young kids in the car. They say in the report he punched the woman. This happened Friday night. The woman says he wouldn’t let her merge. She says he bumped her car and ran her off the road. She says he appeared to have a weapon when he approached her car. She says he then kicked the door and banged on the window. Before he left the scene, she says he punched her in the temple. There were witnesses and the kids were said to be crying in the backseat of the car. Police found Ramirez at home and made the arrest. He says he was cut off several times by the woman. He denies punching her.

Ramirez faces charges of aggravated battery, armed burglary and criminal mischief.

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