This is opening weekend for Tigris, the newest roller coaster at Busch Gardens. Premier Rides has a winner with this one. You’ve heard the stats… a 150 foot skyward surge, 1800 feet of track, speeds up to 62 MPH, an inverted heartline roll and it goes forwards AND backwards. I had a few more questions. Take a look.

I asked Busch Gardens President and CEO Stewart Clark… Where is the best SEAT on Tigris: the back, middle or front? What is the “comfort collar” and a “Zero G Heartline Roll?” I also asked one of the ride’s creators, Andrew, who was the first HUMAN to ride Tigris? Stewart Clark also reluctantly told me his top 3 favorite rides at Busch Gardens and where Tigris ranks in that top 3.

It’s Geno. I got to get 3 rides in. If you’ve got a strong stomach, sit in the back. If you want the thrill, sit in the front row. Your first ride should probably be in a middle seat. It’s only about 45 seconds long, but trust me… you wouldn’t want it to be longer! You’ll need a few minutes to get yourself back together. And then 20 minutes later, you’ll want to ride again.

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