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We have been reporting about Beth Chapman and her fight with throat cancer, and we’ve continued to update you on her journey as she shares it with the public.

Unfortunately, several dubious websites and social media pages have created “clickbait” stories, that apparently have generated rumors and total untruths about Beth Chapman’s health. The latest rumor had suggested that Beth passed away on April 20th. of this year.

This is not only false, but unfair to Beth and her family who are so bravely fighting this cancer. Beth is not one to run from a fight, so she turns to her social media accounts to fight back by constantly posting new photos of herself showing that she is still strong and fighting.

Beth’s post below was from Palm Sunday, 2019.

It’s sad that with all the family is going through that they also have to deal with this type of negativity. But, we are happy that Beth is doing well and we continue to wish her a full and speedy recovery.

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