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It’s again that time…Love bug season in the Tampa Bay area! The harmless little insects are all over and will soon be all over your car.

(Photo Courtesy of Mason Dixon)

What do you do when you’ve squished enough of these little critters while on the road? Cleaning them off is actually much easier than you’d think. All you need is a dryer sheet. Yes, you read that correctly. A common dryer sheet. Here’s how you do it.

Just take the dryer sheet. Any brand. Wet your car wherever the bugs are and wet the dryer sheet. Place the sheet over the bugs for a moment, then you can wipe them away. It’s really that simple. Rinse, and the bugs should be gone!

Don’t use any non-stick sprays on your car. It will damage the paint. Do wax your car, that will help protect your paint.

Here is a random tip for everyone this Tuesday. Did you know that dryer sheets and a little bit of water will remove lovebugs? ????????????????????

Posted by Embassy Records Management and Storage on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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