If you are a fan of the popular TLC show 90 Day Fiance’, you will certainly remember Anfisa.

Anfisa was on season four of the hit show as was the Russian fiance’ of California resident Jorge Nava. Anfisa was the colorful character on the show that everyone loved to hate.

Jorge’ (now Anfisa’s husband) was arrested last February when he was caught with 293 lbs. of high grade marijuana in his trunk. Jorge’ had been bonded out on a $25,000 bond.

Now Jorge has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison after his lawyer was able to reduce his class two felony to a class four.

Since Jorge’s incarceration, Anfisa has dedicated herself to working out, filling her time by body building. She recently shared some remarkable photos. See for yourself:

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A lot of thoughts ⬇️ As you know(or maybe not know) my husband got sentenced to 2.5 years in prison on September 7(for details check out my YouTube channel). To be honest, it has been very hard on me because Jorge and I are not just husband and wife but we are truly best friends and we used to share everything with each other and since we aren’t together physically now and only get to talk to each other once a day it feels like a big part of me was taken away. I don’t normally talk about it because I don’t like to show my emotions to the public, especially if I believe that it will make me look weak and pathetic. It’s just the way I am - I’d rather be thought of as a “cold hearted bitch” than a “crybaby”. Now you are probably thinking ok what does this caption have to do with the pictures? And the answer is, to fill the void that I felt after Jorge was sentenced and I was left on my own I decided to try to stay busy and do what I enjoy the most and it was working out. And ONE DAY I want to take it on a higher level and compete in NPC bikini division. It feels frustrating when some of you try to knock me down for doing what I love and enjoy. I know that many of you started following me on social media after seeing #90DayFiance and you just want to see me post pictures with Jorge and talk about our relationship. Well, I’m just letting you know that I’m going in a different direction now, I’m not a part of #90DayFiance, so if you don’t want to see anything other than #90DayFiance related stuff and you want to keep commenting nasty things under my pictures, please unfollow me and move on. And to those who support me, I love you ❤️ and thank you ???? I’m very grateful to have people who are always cheering me up. I may not always reply to comments and DMs but I see you all. ????

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Wow. She always had a nice shape but was much fuller and thicker than now. She has certainly defined her body in a new way.

A new spin on the show kicked off this week called “90 Day Fiance”: Happily Ever After?” The show follows up with some of the favorites to see where they are and if they are still together.

However, Anfisa won’t be a part of the show any longer according to an article in Hollywood Gossip. Anfisa herself claims the show did not want to pay them anymore money, so they refused. Another source from the show said the amount they were asking was in line with a Kardashian payday.

So sorry, if you want to keep up with Anfisa’s training and transformation you’ll have to seek her out on social media.

My wife is a huge fan of the show so I know she will be watching. “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After” airs on Sunday nights on TLC.

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