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We pretty much love our airport here in Tampa. Nothing makes you appreciate Tampa International more than when you are flying back to Florida from one of those overcrowded chaotic big city airports. Those can take forever to get to your gate and then off the ground. But Tampa is usually a breeze. They’re stepping up their game even more according to an announcement this morning. Look for these five things over the next “couple of years” all designed to make traveling a little easier.

“Hydrate near your gate.”
Bottled water drinker? They’re adding water bottle filling stations. There will be one at each Airside. The goal is to use fewer plastic bottles. But also, it means not having to pay for more water! The water will be filtered.

Mothers’ nursing rooms
A quiet comfortable private spot for moms should open by Spring 2020.

Service Animal Relief Areas
If you have a service dog, there will be an area with waste bags.

Water dumping stations
You’ll be able to dump liquids if you come up to a checkpoint and forgot to empty out your water bottle.

Screening simplified
“E-gates” promises to make the check-in process faster using biometrics. No showing your ID or boarding pass or digging through your purse. They’ll use facial recognition.

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