Does it seem like this is the worst year ever for love bugs in Florida? You might be right.

We finally found someone who loves the love bugs. Well sort of. Owners of the Calypso Car Wash tell the Naples Daily News business is up about 20% thanks to the insects. That’s the good news. They say the BAD thing is there is no magic chemical that car washes can use to get love bugs off your car. It’s all “elbow grease.” So be prepared to spend an extra $10 because a traditional wash probably won’t do the trick. They say the key is to get them off your car ASAP before the Florida sun embeds them in your car’s paint job.

There is of course the tried and true method Florida natives use to get them off yourself: stock up on dryer sheets and be ready to scrub.

Workers say this year’s love bug season is the worst they’ve seen in about 20 years.

Another sign of how bad the love bugs are this year… those gas station windshield scrubbers are becoming harder to find. One customer said she couldn’t find any at service stations to wipe away the bugs. And they’re apparently not easy to find in stores right now either.

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