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Big 7 Travel just put out the list of sexiest accents.

People from Lawnguyland will be upset because they rank dead last. Long Island is number 50.

New Jersey, Minnisota and Alaska rank near the bottom.

Florida comes in at number 44 with the article saying we have a mutt mix of Midwest, Northeast and Southern. A sandwich is a sangwich and I’ve never heard anyone say sangwich, we say Pub Sub!

I’m throwing this whole list out the window because Texas is number 1 and Boston is 2. What? Bostonians don’t even pronounce their R’s. If you’re sitting in a wicker chair, it’s a wicka chair and if they have an idea it’s an ID-er.

Texans have their own language where everyone is always fixin to do something but not actually doing it. Just fixin too.

Seriously, here’s the whole list

Sexiest Accents