CARIBBEAN SEA - SEPTEMBER 7: In this NOAA handout image, NOAA's GOES satellite shows Hurricane Irma as it moves towards the Florida Coast in the Caribbean Sea taken at 20:00 UTC on September 07, 2017. The state of Florida is in the track of where the hurricane may make landfall. (Photo by NOAA GOES Project via Getty Images)

Florida’s Hurricane and Back to School tax holidays are set.

Hurricane Supplies Sales Tax Holiday runs May 31st – June 6th

School Supply Sales Tax Holiday runs August 2nd – August 6th.

Hurricane items included:

Flashlights, torches and self powered lighting under $20

Portable radios, two way radios and weather radios $50 or less

Tarps, waterproof sheeting and tie down kits $50 or less

Gas tanks $25 or less

Batteries selling for $30 or less

Food Coolers $30 or less

Generators $750 or less