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This past Sunday in Bradenton, Duane Chapman (“Dog The Bounty Hunter”) and his wife Beth gave a Mothers Day message at The Source Church. Beth spoke in a soft whispering voice compared to the boisterous volume with sass we’ve heard on the show over the years. She’s also lost a lot of weight. But clearly you can see how strong and determined she is. There were moments with laughter and some that brought tears. She spoke about her past with drugs, alcohol and her time in jail. Her message: believe in yourself and strive. At first they seemed to have some audio problems when Beth first got on stage, but they clear up the problem about 5 minutes in. And word of advice… don’t tell Beth how much to spend on laundry! 🙂

June 23, 2019 Update:
Dog tweeted this morning asking for prayers as Beth is in a medically-induced coma: full story.

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