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I have blogged before about my chance to interview both Dog and Beth Chapman. Twice actually! The two of them have always been very sweet and gracious with me. Dog and Beth have even invited Christine and I to dinner the next time that we are in Oahu. So, to hear the latest news about Beth is extra disturbing.

Beth Chapman and her family are in the fight of their lives. Why? Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017, only to have it return again in 2018, spreading to her lungs.

At the time of her original diagnosis, Beth underwent chemotherapy as advised by her doctors. But the cancer returned and Beth and her family made a decision NOT to undergo the chemo treatments this time around. Evidently, due to the fact that Beth had an extremely painful experience with the treatments in 2017.

So, since the 2018 diagnosis, Beth has been using non-traditional treatments in attempts to fight her disease. In turning down the recommended treatments, Beth is choosing to lean on her very strong faith during this time.

Beth says. “This is the ultimate test of faith. It is the evidence of things hoped for, and it is the substance of things not known.”

Mother’s Day photos of Beth and family. She was thrilled to have her children surrounding and supporting her.

Beth is still out doing appearances, spending much of Mother’s Day at the Source Church in Bradenton FL, where Beth spoke her message of faith and hope to those assembled.

The couple have also been working on a return to TV in Dog’s Most Wanted, a new show which was scheduled to premier in October on WGN America. However, Beth revealed on social media last week that the show would be pushed to at least 2020.

Being a cancer survivor myself, I know that miracle ARE possilble. I can certainly understand what a devastating time this is for Beth and her family. We continue to pray for all of the Chapmans  wish the very best as they face this monumental battle.

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