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And wait til you see the time slot they got for the premiere! It’s the one EVERY TV show wants.

It was the guiltiest guilty pleasure TV show ever created. It was weird. It was cheesy. The acting was terrible. But we couldn’t turn away. And before season 2 even premieres, Fox has already renewed The Masked Singer for a third season, which will premiere right after the Super Bowl February 2, 2020. After that it’ll be on Wednesday nights at 8 starting February 5, according to ET.

Before that, season 2 will air this fall. The show’s producer says they will step up security measures to make sure there are no leaks so we won’t find out who’s under the mask before episodes air. Ya know… kind of like how I ruined it for everyone when my Twitter friends and I figured out all of the celebrities before the second episode aired last year. –Geno 😉

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