The Rays are winning but where are the fans?.Evan Longoria still thinks about the sting of fans not showing up in Tampa Bay even though he plays for the Giants. I know, I know, we’ve talked about this for years, but seriously , why do we put the team through this?

The plans to move the Rays to Y’Bor fell though and they have a contract to stay in St Petersburg through 2027. The Rays hit a record low attendance Tuesday night at Tropicana Field with only 5,786 people, the lowest in franchise 22 year history.

Evan Longoria pointed out last year that it’s not a building/location problem because the Miami Marlins built a brand new park and their attendance is worse than the Rays.

The team is in 2nd place and fans don’t show up. Even when the Rays clinched a playoff spot people did not show up.

Time for the Rays to move and get the fans they deserve.