JUNE 5 UPDATE: Sounds like this guy has been trouble before. Channel 8 did some digging and found that this Captain Bailey guy was arrested as recently as LAST WEEK for driving on the wrong side of the road! They also found that “Double Nickel Charters” has had quite a few complaints online. Check out their Trip Advisor reviews. Not good. Bailey is out on bond right now. They’re saying now he COULD lose his license. Could!? It’s definitely a good idea to do some research next time you book one of these trips. Wow.

Channel 8 reports a charter fishing trip turned ugly this weekend in Sarasota. Police say Captain Mark Bailey got drunk and passengers got upset. After an argument over beer, they say things settled down but then Bailey continued to drink and then did cocaine. Reports say passengers asked to cut the trip short and go back to shore. Bailey instead drove in circles. At one point, they say Bailey issued a threat saying “I have a gun and if I want to, I will put a bullet in each of your heads and leave you out here.” They say he later showed off the handgun and fired in the air. Fortunately at one point cell service became available and Sarasota Police and the Coast Guard got involved. Bailey was arrested for boating under the influence. But I’d imagine there’s much more to come.

Full story: Channel 8

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