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Roxanne Wilder

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There’s a new Wallet Hub list that ranks our nation’s states from safest to least safe.

Where do you think Florida ranked? WE are the third LEAST safe state in the U.S. The study looked at more than 50 key metrics including sex offenders per capita, assaults per capita, unemployment, and total losses from climate disasters per person.

Here’s how Florida ranked in some of the key categories (1=safest; 50=least safe):
• 33rd – Assaults per capita
• 44th – Loss amounts from climate disasters per capita
• 42nd – Fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of Travel
• 39th – Sex offenders per capita
• 47th – Share of uninsured population

So maybe you’re planning a summer vacation and you want to travel to a “safe” state. Here are your best bets: Minnesota, Vermont and Maine. But hey, if you live in Florida, it doesn’t get much worse as far as safety…except in Louisiana (#2) and Mississippi (#1).

For the complete list, click here.