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It’s National Doughnut Day and earlier this week, we asked Q105 listeners to rank the best of the best in Tampa Bay. Here are the results as of this morning. We’ll leave the poll running if you didn’t get to vote. But as of this morning, National Doughnut Day, these are the top 5 according to Q listeners!

#1: Hole In One Donuts (38%)
Gotta admit, being the fat guy doughnut lover I am, I’ve never stopped at a Hole In One Donut.  They have a few of them in Brandon, Tampa, Tarpon Springs and Seffner.  Their coffee gets great reviews too.  If you think they’re better than the doughnut spot that came in at #2, I clearly need to try this place out. Soon.

#2: Jupiter Donuts (23%)
A newcomer to Tampa Bay, Jupiter is becoming my new favorite planet.  I’ve only been to their location in Fort Lauderdale.  I haven’t made it to the Largo location yet because the gas station near my place sells Jupiter Donuts.  Great stuff.

#3: Datz / Dough (19%)
This could have been my #1 pick. It’s probably a tie between Dough and Jupiter.  The doughnut case at Dough (Datz’s bakery) will make your jaw drop.  And their doughnuts taste as good as they look.

#4: Fray’s Donut House (10%)
I made my first visit to the Pinellas Park Fray’s last month.  Not bad.  It wasn’t an elite doughnut to me, but I’m clearly in the minority.  Tampa Bay loves this place!

#5: Funky Sweets, Faedo Family Bakery, Little Donut House (tied with 3% each)
Haven’t been to any of these spots yet. I’ve got work to do.

And as for the spelling debate, Tampa Bay clearly prefers donut over doughnut by a 69% vote. And on this National Doughnut, or Donut, Day… let’s take time to remember those donuts we lost. I still miss this one!

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