Ya gotta admit. Pat Sajak has a point. The Tampa Bay Rays offered $5 tickets last week and there are still plenty left over. Word is the Rays did sell 2 out of this week’s 5 games out by essentially giving away those tickets. When I posted about the Rays ticket sale, many listeners replied with how much of a pain it is to get to St. Pete. Others said they should include free parking. Some just said they’re not interested until they move the team to Tampa. It’s why many think we are going to lose this team.

The Tampa Bay Rays have been dominating the AL East for a good part of the season. They’re tied for first place with the Yankees after their win today. But still, the team can’t get fans to go to The Trop. And who noticed? None other than the host of Wheel of Fortune!

The Rays expressed their thanks to the man behind the Wheel in a follow up tweet.

I’m guilty to a degree too. I haven’t been to a Rays game this year. But in all honesty, I’m far more of a football and hockey guy. To me, baseball’s opening day is the day after the Stanley Cup is lifted. And that may be tonight, so I already have cheap $5 tickets for the Rays game tomorrow night.

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