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They had a huge Q105 hit almost 30 years ago with “After The Rain.” Remember Nelson? They were the twin sons of 50s teen idol Ricky Nelson. If the band or song doesn’t ring a bell, watch this cheesy 90s awesomeness. Jump 2 minutes into the clip to get right to the song.

Remember them now? No? Here’s one more try. This was their other big hit back then “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection.”

Well they’re back! Well, in their defense, it’s entirely possible that Matthew and Gunnar never left. They just sort of fell off my radar as bands do over time. But some friends in Nashville today for CMA Fest, a country music festival, said they sounded great on stage!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a video clip yet, but I’ll keep looking. This apparently isn’t their first time at CMA Fest. Here’s the band performing in Nashville 5 years ago.