As suspected, it’s a 4th of July fireworks event at the new Sparkman Wharf!

Original story from June 9:
We’ve got Gasparilla. But Tampa Mayor Jane Castor says the city will announce a new tradition in Tampa tomorrow (June 10). Many are speculating on what it could be. Could it be a new fireworks show for the 4th of July? She did say in a tweet it’ll be “LIT” as the kids say these days. Another tweet used the word “BOOMING.” Last week a tweet mentioned “sparking” a new tradition. Castor says it’ll be a new community-oriented and family-friendly event. In a poll, one Tampa TV station is asking viewers if they think it’s a concert or sporting event. But these clues certainly lead me to believe we’re getting a new 4th of July game plan for Tampa. What do you think it is? Tweet @Q105Geno with your theory.

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