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They are controversial… but the controversy is over in the city of Clearwater.

Some cities see E-scooters as a way to cut down on congested streets. But the city of Clearwater doesn’t want to scoot down that road, at least not yet.

City officials asked the council on June 3rd, to postpone the use of and rentals of electric scooters and other similar devices for at least six months. They want the time to study the risk they may pose to pedestrians and other motorists.

The city also wishes to write rules regulating things such as speed, where they will be allowed to travel and possibly how many companies will be allowed to rent the vehicles.

Tampa has already allowed the scooter to be used as a cheap and fun way to get around. And St. Petersburg is also in the early stages of possibly bringing e-scooters to their city. However, Clearwater seems to be much more concerned with the addition and the safety of them.

They are after all, just a foot board with two wheels and a vertical steering column with handle bars. It could be a real safety issue. Especially in tourist areas already heavily congested like the beach, with the narrow sidewalks.

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Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .