Madonna has officially joined the long list of women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

In an interview with The New York Times, Madonna said, “It was good that somebody who had been abusing his power for so many years was called out and held accountable.”

It was Weinstein’s company Miramax, that distributed her 1991 documentary titled Madonna: Truth or Dare.

Madonna went on to say,“Harvey crossed lines and boundaries and was incredibly sexually flirtatious and forward with me when we were working together; he was married at the time, and I certainly wasn’t interested. I was aware that he did the same with a lot of other women that I knew in the business. And we were all, ‘Harvey gets to do that because he’s got so much power and he’s so successful and his movies do so well and everybody wants to work with him, so you have to put up with it.’ So that was it.”

The only surprising thing about this story is that she didn’t come forward before now. However, the number of women coming out against Weinstein continues to rise.

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