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Have you ever had your phone ring just once and then the caller hangs up? This just might be a scammer trying to get you to return the call… and it could cost you!

In this scam, the caller I.D. may show the number is from somewhere in the United States, but actually comes from another country.

If you return the call, you could get charged a significant long-distance fee, plus charges per minute while the scammers try to keep you on the phone as long as they can.

Ways to avoid this scam include:

  • Do not answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize, and don’t return calls to those numbers
  • If you do call a number you don’t know, check the number to make sure it isn’t international
  • If you never make international calls, you can ask your phone service to block outgoing international calls
  • Be cautious, even if the number does appear to be authentic

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Here’s information about how to file a complaint with the FCC or FTC.